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The Lucas terrier is a rare, endangered, British terrier, originally developed in the late 1940's by Sir Jocelyn Lucas of Ilmer kennel fame, by crossing his petite Sealyham bitchs with a small Norfolk terrier dog. Sir Jocelyn Lucas described his namesake as 'little Sealyhams wearing red jackets.' Today, LTCA members  follow his breeding formula exactly. Every Lucas in our breeding program can trace its ancestry directly back to Lucas's kennels, or is a pre-approved hybrid, carefully selected to insure the breed's robust health and vitality.



A small, sweet, non-exaggerated terrier, similar to the classic Sealyham terriers of the 1920’s & 1930's, simalar to those depicted by the artist Cecil Aldin.


Females: 11-17lbs, 9-11 inches
Males: 14-20lbs, 10-12 inches


Average Life Expectancy

14 –15 years

Health Problems

In the USA and Canada the Lucas terrier is a hearty, healthy, long-lived breed. We have no reported genetic health problems at this time.  All breeders are required to test for Primary Lense Luxation (PLL) BEFORE breeding.


The Lucas is a friendly little dog.  It has an eager-to-please temperament and is more biddable and less stubborn than either of its original parents.  Although developed as a sporting dog, today it is a charming, delightful companion.


Almost all Lucas terriers are calm, content and quiet indoors.  They are a pleasure to live with. The exception to this rule is when they see a squirrel or a UPS truck outside 'their' window.  In all likelihood, the Lucas will then fly over to that window and attempt to wake the dead with their barking.  Often they are successful! Other than this one "flaw" they are a joy indoors.


The Lucas terrier is a smart little dog.  They like making their owners happy.  They respond best to positive based training.  A well-trained dog is a happy dog with a happy owner!  'Squirrel' and 'Treat' are usually the first two words added to their vocabulary.


The Lucas terrier naturally adores children.  However, babies, toddlers and young children should never be left unattended with a young puppy of any breed for everyone's protection.

Space Requirements

The Lucas terrier is a great companion dog for town or country dwellers. It adapts well to any environment.


The Lucas can walk or run just as long as you can. Don't be fooled by their small size and think they need to be pampered.  They love to take long walks on a leash.  They also love to chase squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks.  Because they are not car savvy, please make sure your yard is protected by a fence (or some other barrier) and always keep your Lucas on a leash when near motor vehicles.



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