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Susan Hall’s Miss Bailey


Spike Norrington of the UK howls with Joy in the new fallen snow. Precious Scout Saxe of Texas prefers to wait out the cold in the warmth of her master’s toasty kitchen.

February 14 - Valentine's Day:  Barley, owned by Monalynn Carter of New Mexico, helps us celebrate this special lover's


February 20 - President’s Day:  Lili Eldridge of Connecticut looks sharp her warm wool sweater.

February 22 - Ash Wednesday:  Maggie Mae of Virginia looks chilly in the icy snow.


The late Feefee Houghton of Maryland watches her favorite TV show…The “Squirrel Network” from Indoors.

March 11 - Day light Savings Begins:  Lady Aster chomps on a pansy.

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day: The handsome Luca, owned by Lynette Langford of the UK, lets out a manly "woof, woof" in honor of this glorious, spring day and looks very ready to play.


Mojo Pounders of California mugs for the camera, joyful at the arrival of spring.

April 1 - Palm Sunday:  A Crouch puppy held by Caroline Crouch of Richmond, Virginia.

April 6 - Good Friday:  Lynette Langford's puppy looks a little lost in the UK.

April 7 - Passover Begins: Puppies at Camp Crouch ( aka Lucus University) learn to climb a ramp.

April 8 - Easter: A Lynette Langford puppy, of the UK, looks positively looks posh next to the purple posies.


(Top Center): The dashing Bertie Harvey, owned by Ann Harvey of the UK, waits in the garden to have tea with his mistress promtly at 4pm on the dot. (Bottom left): Rhett Butler, owned by Jack Terry of Fallbrook, CA awaits his master's command deep in the green field grass, out on a hunt. ( Bottom right): Dooley McMahon, owned by Nancy McMahon˛ of Atlanta, GA, helps his mother with a little spring gardening.

May 2, 1980: The 32 Anniversary of Sir Jocelyn's Death.

May 5 - Cinco De Mayo: Richard Thrift of Richmond, VA, Holding his new puppy Cooper Too.

May 8 - Jumbo Frost's Birthday: Jumbo Frost, the patron Saint of the Lucas Terrier, was born in 1939 and passed away too soon in 2009. She is shown in this picture sitting on a bench surrounded by her true loves, in the garden of her lovely county home in the UK.

May 13 - Mothers Day:  Susan Fant of Texas, shown with her ganddaughter and her brand new puppy London, the moment London emerged from her kennel to meet her new family. It was love at first site.

May 28 - Memorial Day:  Lynette Langford's Suzi Wong of the UK, the mother of all mothers, celebrates Memorial with a gaggle of young pups surrounding her.


(Top left): Langford's Lily owned by Laurie Crouch of Richmond, VA. (Top right) Lili Eldridge of New England looks dashing in her apple green spring collar as she watches out the car window. (bottom left): Winston Frierson˛ owned by Tatiana Frierson˛of Dallas, TX looks positively colligiate in his graduatation cap....no doubt a Yale or Harvard man.(Bottom center): The late Lillie Freter, owned by John and Anita Freter of South Africa, looks positively posed to pounce on any wild beast that comes her way.(bottom right): Catherine (left) and Caroline (right) Crouch of Richmond, Virginia love on a puppy that is in their care. It does't get any better than having puppies at the Crouch household.

June 4 - The Queen’s Official Birthday: Chewy Finkelstein makes everyone smile.

June 11 - The Queen's Birthday: A Langford beauty from the UK in a meadow of wild flowers.

June 17 - Father's Day: The studly, Cooper Lung, owned by Patty and Dick Lung of Mechanicsville, VA, sitting on a rocking chair at the beach, scoping out the babes as they walk by.


(Far left): Suzi Wong, owned by Lynette Langford of the UK looks to the future with the sun gently warming her face. (Center): What could be better than racing like the wind on the Langford estate with the sun in our faces and wind at our backs. (Far right): Mac armitage of the UK & CA keeps his charges safe at the beach.

July 1 - Canada Day:  A gorgeous Langford dog has a fun romp at the beach with a blue ball.

July 20 Ramadan Begins:  The late Lilly Freter and her son Leo owned by John and Anita Freter of South Africa, look adorable sitting together in their master's convertible waiting to go for a spin.


(Top left): The late Wicka Blyde, owned by Ann Blyde of Kihei, HI looks soulfully into the camera at her beloved owner. (Center): The late Beany and Poppy, owned by Cathy Thomas of Wales enjoy a day at the beach. (Far right): His nibs, Cousin Spike, owned by Debbie and Norman Norrington of the UK, 'woofs' that he is ready to get in his piddle pool and play.

August 27 - Sir Jocelyn's Birthday 1889:  A photo a Sir Jocelyn Lucas blowing his famous hunting horn to call his pack


Fletcher Megibow, owned by the Megibow family of New York, spends part of his time in the city and part in the county. He is equally at home in both.

September 3 - Labor Day:  The very photogenic Cathy Thomas of Wales with a friend, watching the tide come in.

September 17 - Rosh Hashanah:  Cooper Lung, owned by Patty and Dick Lung of Virginia, mugs for the camera of a crisp fall day.

September 26, Yom Kippur: A Crouch puppy, stares down a tunnel at a carrot, at Camp Crouch, AKA, Lucas Terrier University.


(Far left): Langford's Lily, owned by Laurie Crouch of Richmond, Va., in prison garb. (Center): Sita, owned by Lynette Langford, of the UK, looks glorious on this fall day sitting in the newly fall leaves. (Far right): Langford's Lily, owned by Laurie Crouch of Richmond, VA, is a good sport, as she sits waiting patiently for her photo to be taken, while wearing a silly bee outfit for her mistress.

October 8 - Columbus Day:  Maddy, Owned by Loren Poley and Les Kahrnoff of Alpharetta,  GA., just moments after her birth.

October 31 - Halloween:  Auggie Lung owned by the Lung family of Ashburn, Va, makes an adorable little witch on Halloween Day.


The late Zippo Duncan, owned by Betsy and Bill of Toronto, Canada, is was one of only two Lucas Terriers living in Canada.

November 1 - All saints Day:  Arabella Brayer, owned by John and Meta Braymer, of Richmond, VA, gets ready for fall.

November 4 - Daylight Savings Ends: Suzi Wong, owned by Lynette Langford of the UK, is a stunning example of the breed.

November 11 - Veteran's Day & The Anniversary of Jumbo Frost's Death in 2009: The late Jumbo Frost.

November 22 - Thanksgiving:  Lady Aster, owned by Kim Nash of Warrington, VA, looks stunning against the fall colors on this perfect, crisp, Thanksgiving day.


(Left): Winston Frierson, owned Tatiana Frierson, of Dallas Tx, lips his lips in delight at his first of taste frosty, cold, snow.

(Right): Megan Darde (left) and her sister, Rachel, (to her right) look as happy as two young ladies can look holding their handsome Lucas, Cooper, on Christmas morning in PA.

December 7- Pear Harbor Day:  Poor little Mac Armitage, owned by Ross Armitage of CA, looks positively pitiful as he wills his owners to open the door and let him back inside. He doesn't know what he did...but he promises never to do it again!

December 9 - Hanukkah Begins: The Braymer sisters, owned By John, Meta and Meredith Braymer of Richmond, VA, celebrate their first birthday is style! December 25, Christmas: Dick Nelson of Seattle WA, holds his best buddy, Harry on his lap.

December 26 - Kwanza: The handsome Scooter Kelly, owned by Patti Kelly of CA, looks positively festive and brings lots of holiday cheer to those around him as he dashes around Petsmart for some post Christmas deals!


(Left): Wickie II, owned by Anne Byde of HW, and bred by Lynette Langford of the UK, mugs for the camera. (Right): Riley McMahon owned by Anne McManhon of Atlanta, Ga, jumps in his snadbox for a good-old-fashioned dig.

January 1 – New Year’s Day:  Stela Hamamdzic of PA, holds Maddy Cohen-Temple and dreams of the day when her own puppy arrives.


January 21 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day:  Maddy Poley lets it all hang out it GA.

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