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Breed Snapshot


The Lucas terrier is a small, rare, unexaggerated British terrier, developed in the late 1940's by Sir Jocelyn Lucas of Ilmer Sealyham fame. Lucas created his namesakes by crossing his uniquely petite, working Sealyham bitches, with carefully chosen Norfolk terrier dogs. The result was, and still is today, a small, enchanting, low maintenance, go-anywhere, do-anything, loving companion, that is highly sought after.


Authentic "Real" Lucas Terriers


Every Lucas in our breeding program can trace it's ancestry ancestry to the original terriers bred by Sir Jocelyn Lucas.  Each is meticulously authenticated and documented.  When you purchase from an LTCA member, you are purchasing a real, authentic Lucas terrier - not a Sporting Lucas, or an unauthorized hybrid created for profit.  

Our Club


The Lucas Terrier Club of America (LTCA)  is dedicated

to the promotion, preservation and propagation

of the Lucas terrier in the United States and Canada. 

Founded in 2006, it is the oldest and only official Lucas

breed club in North America.


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